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Our presets are thoughtfully designed and evaluated with a creative purpose in mind, namely, to give your photos a unique identity.


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Whether you want to stay in or explore the world, create your magic in the environment you feel at home.

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About the mama

behind Crisp & Hazy

Crisp & Hazy is established to help the modern mama capture all the things she loves. For the women who embrace and love motherhood, yet also want to maintain their unique identity. For the women finding themselves in their own style and beauty -whether this means travelling the world, staying cozy at home in your much-loved interiors, working on your businesses or whatever you were into pre-kids- only now packed with your little adventurers.

Lisa, the mama behind Crisp & Hazy, lives in Belgium with her high school-sweetheart (digital creative Yakari), little adventurer Noah and the most fabulous and selfish cat Sir. In her pre-baby life, she obtained a PhD in Neuroscience. Currently, Lisa is working as a postdoctoral researcher at KU Leuven in Belgium.

While being a busy and dedicated doctor during the day, her spare time is mostly filled with her biggest passion: photography. She spent years developing her photography skills, read numerous books, followed high-end technical photography courses from well-respected photographers and -obviously– spent uncountable hours behind the camera. The more she got into photography, the more she acknowledged the importance of photo editing, creating your own style with endless possibilities. One photo edit could easily take up to an hour -yes that’s an eternity- to develop multiple styles and looks. She became obsessed with post-processing her images. 

When becoming a mama, she realized the one-hour-per-photo ratio wasn’t a deal anymore. Lisa wanted to capture her everyday moments quick, efficient and most preferably on-the-go. She carefully selected her favorite photo edits and swapped the iMac for her phone. Photo editing took a whole new dimension, 10-seconds-per-photo is the new deal.

With Crisp & Hazy, Lisa happily shares her beloved editing secrets to encourage modern mothers to create beautiful memories of all the things they love.

"Capture life’s loveliest moments, no matter where you are."

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- creator of the Crisp & Hazy Presets

Preset examples

Before After

Little adventurer preset

of the Crisp & Hazy Lifestyle Preset Bundle.

Before After

Outdoor Living preset

of the Crisp & Hazy Lifestyle Preset Bundle.

Before After

Bohemian lifestyle preset

of the Crisp & Hazy Lifestyle Preset Bundle.

Before After

Glamorous emerald preset

of the Crisp & Hazy Lifestyle Preset Bundle.

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